The Napkin Club

$24.00 on the 3rd of each month

First payment: March 3, 2023

The Napkin Club is a fabulous Club where Unique Makers can connect, learn, and be inspired to create with the Individual Unique Napkin Collections that they, as Members, will receive every month! A place where Napkin Lovers can unite and be inspired! Hosted by Miss Tracy. Read on for all of the details and learn how you can benefit from being a Member of The Napkin Club!

Here are just a few of the benefits you will receive from being a Member of The Napkin Club:

  • Each month YOU will receive a Unique assortment of Napkins hand-selected and curated by me, Miss Tracy! You will Love getting 15-18 individual napkins each a different style! Consider the fact that each napkin has 4 images on each folded section (x15 Napkins)…that gives you lots of Creative options to “Napkinize” with!
  • FREE Shipping
  • Fun Reveal Days of each month’s Unique Napkins
  • Multiple workshops a month specially designed for Members featuring the Unique Napkin Bundle of that month!
  • Access to The Napkin Club private DIY community on Facebook….YaY! Our own personal Hang Out!
  • Shared Project Inspiration and Techniques by me related to our Napkins but also for the surfaces and “things” we will be “napkinizing”!
    I have so much to share and teach you!
  • Access to our NEW Club Hub (our NEW amazing Online Classroom Portal) So you can see all of the past workshops and tutorials also!!
(70 customer reviews)

70 reviews for The Napkin Club

  1. Sue Conder (verified owner)

    I found Miss Tracy last year about this time and have loved being in the Napkin Club. Every month is packed with beautiful napkins, projects and techniques that you will love.

  2. Kathleen Walder

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing more to do with napkins. First timer

  3. Lois

    2nd time watching yesterday reverse on ornaments and tonight napkin club review. Awesome

  4. Estella

    Love your work!

  5. Sadhana

    Love this club

  6. Charlotte Howard

    Love Little Blue House… can’t get there because I’ve had back surgery.

  7. Janet Lewis

    I have heard a lot of good things about this place.

  8. Mary Jane Diaz

    Trying to enroll

  9. Judy Meaux

    ❤️❤️❤️ The Napkin Club & Miss Tracy and her creativity!

  10. Judy Meaux

    Love love love The Napkin Club & Miss Tracy!

  11. Bonnie HindsLasher

    Just got 1 package in May and loved what I got.

  12. Marie Van Raam

    I love this club.

  13. Denise Welborn

    Can’t wait to get reconnected and to start getting my napkins again.

  14. Karen Brown

    Fun and informative!

  15. Canada

    I just keep learning. Lots of new things

  16. Patti Bates


  17. Candi Robinson

    Fantastic fun!

  18. Tammy Huckaby

    Looking forward to the new videos

  19. Tammy Huckaby

    Exciting times! Looking forward to all the new videos

  20. Julia


  21. Marcia

    I love everything about this club. Every week there are new ideas and each one is adorable. Classes are very interactive and Miss Tracy is always available to answer questions and everyone in the club is very supportive sharing projects and tips.

  22. Carol M Rader


  23. Beth Wiggins

    Love this group!

  24. Linda Frost


  25. Linda Frost

    You’re Awesome, the club members are so supportive!

  26. Patricia Dedijer

    Amazing club. Thank you Miss Tracy.

  27. Melissa Miller (verified owner)

    Miss Tracy is awesome teaching fun techniques using napkins! I have so many sentimental napkins from over the years, and now can make fun projects to keep them. As well as display them is unique ways. I love the Napkin Club!

  28. Teri Mayo

    Love love love creating with napkins.

  29. Dianne Foster

    I love this club!!!

  30. Caron Byington

    Great Fun

  31. Andrea Chester

    I discovered Miss Tracy and the Napkin Club group last year and it has been an amazing journey. I tend to be a quiet participant, but I’m soaking it all in! The techniques each week are always fun and creative. It’s a wonderful group and Tracy is a fantastic, enthusiastic and personal teacher.

  32. Donna Theriot

    The best instructions and projects with the best instructor!

  33. Kathy Miller

    So much fun!

  34. Lynne Thompson

    Love the Napkin Club and Miss Tracy!

  35. Catherine Hawk

    Love Miss Tracy’s creativity. Great projects and easy to follow her her directions.

  36. Wavah Fore

    Love the napkin club

  37. Patricia Coad

    Looking forward new napkins.

  38. rsjannise

    love the different napkins and all the projects

  39. Linda Richard

    I have learned so much in the short time I have been a member. I look forward to more videos

  40. Felice Wetter

    So many beautiful napkins and unique ways to create with them!

  41. Dana Blesing


  42. Felice Wetter

    Highlight of my Tuesday night!

  43. Debbie Crites

    Love it so much

  44. Donna Thorn

    Great new adventure

  45. Donna Thorn

    Great new adventure!

  46. Gloria Marquez

    Love it!

  47. Debbie Selz

    Love this group!

  48. Sandy Knebel

    great club!

  49. Vickie Johnson

    I love this group

  50. Mary Jane Diaz

    Love napkinizing

  51. Stacie Kilcoyne


  52. Felicia

    Thank you

  53. Brent Tearney

    I look forward to the napkins every month and the lives.

  54. Sallie Rodman

    Love you Miss Tracy

  55. Sallie Rodman

    Love the Napkin Group

  56. Sallie Rodman

    This group is awesome.

  57. Sallie Rodman

    Love this group

  58. Nancy Pillen

    Love the website.

  59. Kathy Harris

    I love this group and I am having so much fun!

  60. Deborah Weinschenk


  61. Wanda Nierzwicki

    Best Club I have ever belonged to!

  62. Cheryl Linscomb

    One of my favorite groups I’ve ever been apart of… So much fun and educational

  63. Cindy LeClair

    Love all the beautiful napkin choices each month and the ability to purchase multiples of whichever ones I just have to have more of. I can’t say enough about Miss Tracy’s teaching style ~ extremely calm relaxed style of teaching while being focused on explaining every detail so we fully understand the process ~ absolutely love this group and all the creative ideas Miss Tracy has along with fellow members willingness to share tips and ideas❣️

  64. Susan Eilers

    Fun group

  65. Susan Eilers

    Great learning experiences

  66. Beth Hall

    Love, love the Napkin Club!

  67. Sharon Shepherd

    I love the napkin club so much. I’ve learned new things and have created some pretty pieces!

  68. Lisa Ladd

    Great creative ideas!

  69. Susan Hennessey

    Love this club

  70. Patty Clapperton

    Looking forward to seeing these napkins

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