The Faith Journaling Experience Membership Group

 Hello everyone! Miss Tracy here….Join us and learn all about the wonderful process of Bible Journaling! We will be experiencing the Scripture in an inspiring, creative way! So it’s time to join us for this wonderful NEW series!  It’s going to be so much fun and I know God will bless, guide, and teach us in an amazing way! I’m so excited and I would love for you to “Come to the Table” and join me for The Faith Journaling Experience!!

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What is The Faith Journaling Experience? 

This group has been created by me, Miss Tracy, for all who want to take part in a special community celebrating The Faith Journaling Experience! Prepare to Explore the Bible while you learn new, creative journaling techniques. My mission is to guide and help you Believe in your own unique creative talents and encourage you to Create with confidence. I want your love for God and His word to Grow and it’s my prayer that many friendships and soul sister connections will happen within this group. Let’s Share within this community, love, and encourage one another as we enjoy the blessings of The Faith Journaling Experience together!!

Check out all the benefits to being a member of The Faith Journaling Experience Membership Group: 

  • Private Community within a Closed Facebook Group (Members Only Hang Out!)
  • 2 Devotional and Creative Tutorials with Bible Entries by Miss Tracy each month taught live in our private group
  • 2 Custom Printables – Art Illustrations designed by me just for you…to download/print and create with in your Bible Journaling entries
  • 2 special Tip & Technique sessions 
  • Special Guest Sessions planned
  • Connection with Soul Sisters — Creative Confidence for Bible Journaling — A Deeper Love for Scripture –A Growing Relationship with God and realization of all HE wants for YOU!

This Group is great for all skill levels…beginners to journaling veterans all welcome! Exclusive Membership is only $ 27 per month! 

No Cancellation Fee and you can cancel at any time. So don’t delay, you can click the subscribe button above to become a member of The Faith Journaling Experience Membership Group!   Our NEW Series will begin Sept. 13th. 

Once your membership is activated, you will receive an email from me (Miss Tracy) on your next steps to access our private Online Group…our wonderful Faith Based Community.

Click here to Join the Faith Journaling Experience Now! 

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