Create a Frosty Snowman Pallet Sign With Me

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Now is the perfect time to do a wintery craft, like this Frosty Snowman Pallet Sign. This piece is comprised of a decorative napkin, lots of embellishments, and a clothespin easel. This one is so fun to create and will look great as a shelf sitter or on a tiered tray! 

I’m going to start by painting my wooden pallet with white chalk paint. This way my snowman will be white, and that wood grain won’t show through. Let dry.

Applying the Napkin Art to the Snowman Pallet Sign

Now, I’ll take my napkin and separate it. I like to use the “lick and stick” method – I lick my thumb and forefinger and just press it to the corner of the napkin and it pulls away a layer. This napkin is 3-ply, so I’ll separate each layer and use the top layer that has the artwork on it. 

Next, I’ll brush a layer of Mod Podge Matte on my palette. Make sure it is a thin layer, but also heavy enough to look wet. Lay the napkin on top. Place some plastic wrap over top and smooth your napkin onto the pallet with your hands. Since this pallet has a shiplap surface, take your nail and smooth your napkin into the grooves too. Let dry.

Next, add a top coat of Mod Podge. This will help protect your napkin and make it even more transparent. Let dry. 

How to Embellish the Snowman Pallet Sign

Now, let’s embellish him! I’m adding a little bit of hot glue where his scarf meets. I’m adding a tiny piece of ribbon and just folding it over. Then, I’ll trim the end of my ribbon like a flag. 

Next, I’ll add two sprigs of greenery to the snowman pallet sign. I cut these from a wreath. I’ll brush a little bit of white chalk paint onto the greenery to add some frost. Then, I’ll add a big chunky snowflake that I grabbed from Hobby Lobby with a smaller wooden snowflake over top. 

Need a fun little hack to add an easel to your art piece? Take a regular clothespin and just slide the right side that has the spring down. Then, you can simply hot glue your clothespin to the back of your wooden pallet to create the perfect standing easel for it!

Now, we’ll add the sparkle! I like to use Stickles, which is glitter glue. I usually dab some dots onto my art piece and use a small paintbrush to just “pounce” the glitter around. 

Want to Recreate This Snowman Pallet Sign?

I absolutely love this little snowman pallet sign! This is a great beginner piece if you are just getting started in napkin art. It will easily take you less than an hour to create.

Grab the kit so you can create this napkin art piece yourself! Each snowman pallet sign kit includes the custom-cut 5×5 Wood Pallet Sign, decorative paper napkin piece, pine sprigs, ribbon, white snowflake, small wooden snowflake, and the clothespin. 

You can also join The Napkin Club where Unique Makers can connect, learn, and be inspired to create with the Individual Unique Napkin Collections that you will receive every month! A place where Napkin Lovers can unite and be inspired!

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