Join the Faith Journaling Experience: Explore, Create, and Grow in Faith

Written by Tracy Pounds

September 14, 2023

As we step into a new season, I am thrilled to announce that we have embarked on an exciting journey in The Faith Journaling Experience with our brand-new Fall Series! The response has been heartwarming, with so many new members joining us, eager to explore their faith through art and creativity. I am truly humbled by the support and enthusiasm of this incredible community!

After much contemplation and discussion, I’ve decided to keep the doors of The Faith Journaling Experience wide open year-round. That means you can join us at any time and seamlessly jump into the current series. 

If you are interested in joining us, I’m going to break down what the Faith Journaling Experience actually is, as well as everything that is included in this online creative membership. 

What is the Faith Journaling Experience?

It’s a place where your God-given creative talents meet your love for God’s word, resulting in a transformative and soul-nourishing experience. In this membership group, we delve into the Bible, surrounded by like-minded soul sisters, while learning and experimenting with new, creative journaling techniques.

My mission is simple yet profound: to guide and empower you to believe in your unique creative gifts and to encourage you to create with unwavering confidence.

What is Included in the Membership?

Our community is truly special – a place where we share love, encouragement, and support as we immerse ourselves in The Faith Journaling Experience together. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect as a member:

  • Devotionals and Custom Design Printables: Receive beautifully crafted devotionals and custom design printables that perfectly fit your Bible pages. They’ll ignite your creativity while deepening your spiritual connection.
  • Private Facebook Group: Gain access to our private Facebook group – a sacred space for sharing, creating, and connecting with your soul sisters. It’s where friendships are forged and faith is strengthened.
  • Weekly Live Sessions: Join me for our Weekly Lives every Monday night at 7 pm CDT, where we learn different aspects of faith journaling and discuss our artwork.
  • Special Journaling Nights and Technique Workshops: We host special journaling nights and technique workshops to help you explore your faith through creativity, all while enjoying the company of our supportive community.
  • Club Hub: Our online classroom library, the Club Hub, is at your fingertips, offering access to all our current and past workshops, videos, and more. It’s a treasure trove of creative resources.
  • A Community of Soul Sisters and Prayer Warriors: Connect with a group of women on their own faith journey, ready to uplift and encourage you in your walk with God. 

All of this, for just $27 a month, is processed conveniently on the 3rd of each month. It’s an investment in yourself, your faith, and your creativity that will change your life!

Whether you’re an experienced faith journaler or just starting on this beautiful path, The Faith Journaling Experience is here for you. Come join our community, and let’s explore, create, and grow together.

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