These 4 Creative Communities are Good for the Soul

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Did you know that finding a creative community is truly good for the soul? It’s my personal mission to help you create with confidence and feel JOY while doing it. Welcome to Miss Tracy Creates! I’m thrilled that you are here. If you are a passionate maker looking for inspiration and community, you have come to the right place! I’m Miss Tracy, and just like you, I’m a maker at heart and love ALL things crafty and creative. It’s my personal mission to help you create with confidence and feel JOY while doing it. That’s why, at Miss Tracy Creates, you’ll find a variety of unique membership groups that will help you nurture your existing passion, and find a new one or two. I’m here to educate you, inspire you and encourage you each step of the way.

Our Four Membership Clubs

We have four AMAZING opportunities for you to connect with other makers through our subscription clubs: the Napkin Club, The Fabric Fan Club, Page Builders Clubhouse, and The Faith Journaling Experience. Club members receive monthly materials, and access to a private Facebook group. The Napkin Club and The Fabric Fan Club members receive shipments each month. Our Page Builders Clubhouse and Faith Journaling members receive digital downloads. Our private groups are a special place where makers connect and I do tutorials to show you how to use the items in your monthly subscription. Members also have access to our new and exciting Club Hub! The Club Hub is an online classroom library that allows you to search for previous workshops, videos, etc. on any topic you may be interested in. We are so excited to offer this new amazing feature to our club members! Finding your creative outlet and being in community while doing it is so good for the soul!

The Napkin Club

You’ll never look at napkins the same way! The Napkin Club is a fabulous club where you can learn and be inspired to create awesome projects using a wide variety of napkin art and napkin crafting techniques. For many years I’d wondered why napkin packages didn’t create varieties instead of just one pattern. I’d use one or two for my art and have so many left over. So…I decided to create my own variety packs! Every month my wonderful members receive a “hand-selected by me” Unique Napkin Bundle. This membership also includes access to our private Facebook group where I’ll share techniques and show you how to create beautiful projects with your napkins. You will have so much fun as you learn new ways to decorate with paper napkins!  This club is a place where you can unite with other Napkin Lovers and be inspired!

The Fabric Fan Club

In the Fabric Fan Club, I’ll teach you all about the “stitchability factor” of fabric and “freestyle stitching”. Freestyle stitching is so much fun because it’s basically doodling with thread. In our private community, I show you how to add color to your fabric with stitching and painting techniques. Each month you receive a new Fabric Bundle (6 fat quarters). You will also be able to enjoy my project workshops, templates, instructional guides, and special tips for creating one of a kind projects with your fabric bundles. You’ll be inspired by so many exciting fabric artwork ideas! Our Fabric Fan Club Facebook group is a special place for all members to learn together and share their amazing creations. 

The Faith Journaling Experience

Prepare to explore the Bible while you learn new, faith art journaling techniques. My desire for you in this group is that you grow in your love for God and His Word while you learn new and creative Bible art journaling techniques. This is a very special group where I will guide and help you to believe in your own unique creative talents and encourage you to create with confidence. Learning faith journaling is good for the soul and spirit! Our private Facebook group is a very special community where you will make many friendships and find soul sister connections. We love and encourage one another, and pray for one another as we enjoy the blessings of The Faith Journaling Experience together!

Page Builders Clubhouse

If you love to preserve your special photos through scrapbooking, this is the place for you! Scrapbooking is a beautiful way to leave a legacy of beautiful memories for future generations. This group will make your intentions a reality. All of us take photos of our family, friends, and places we travel to, but not all of us frame them or preserve them in scrapbooks. Following through with these projects and creating memories that last a lifetime is so good for the soul. The Page Builders Clubhouse will encourage through the process and be a place of accountability and encouragement. You’ll get all kinds of scrapbooking page ideas in your subscription. You’ll see how easy it is to construct your layouts with your monthly resources. This membership group includes these awesome benefits:

  • Access to NEW Page Builder Guides each month. These are all digital downloads. Page Builder Guides make scrapbooking easy and fun! They help you to use your stash of supplies and products, and also eliminate ”Blank Page Syndrome”. Yes, it is a thing!
  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook Group….our Clubhouse! That’s where all the fun happens. Enjoy interactions with your Happy, Scrappy Family! You’ll find a special community of uplifting and encouraging scrappers who will help you stay true to your passion. We aim to build our pages and have fun doing it …all while using up our stash!! 
  • Access to over 100 Page Builder Guides, Paper Crafting Techniques, Special Series, Organization Tips, Get Scrappy Facebook Lives and so, so, so much more!

A Growing Community of Makers

I hope you can see the theme of community in all of our memberships. My goal is really to provide a place of encouragement and connection for makers while they are enjoying their craft. Miss Tracy Creates has grown as a labor of love and as a response to the need for connection and creative outlets during the pandemic. If there was ever a time when creativity was good for the soul, it’s been during these challenging times. We started as The Little Blue House and are now growing our Maker Community each day in the online space. And we continue to grow! What a beautiful way to connect makers from everywhere in one place! We are here to encourage one another as we grow, and find joy through our creativity. Won’t you join us? Choose a group that speaks to you and start your creative journey today! 

We look forward to seeing you inside.

Keep Creating!!

Miss Tracy

Let’s Make Valentine Treat Bags Together!

There are three things I’m always looking for in my treat packaging projects – quick, easy, and cute! These Valentine Treat Bags hit the mark on all three of those criteria.

DIY Valentine’s Decor

I love making DIY Valentine’s decor and these chunky wood hearts are the best because they sit up on their own! These would look perfect on a tiered tray, bookshelf, desk, or even a little Valentine’s Day vignette. We will be using some fun materials today like aluminum foil tape, chalk paint, Mod Podge, and napkin art.

The Napkin Club Logo 1

The Napkin Club Logo 1

The Faith Journaling Experience Logo 1

The Faith Journaling Experience Logo 1

The Fabric Fan Club Logo 1

The Fabric Fan Club Logo 1

Page Builders ClubHouse Logo 1

Page Builders ClubHouse Logo 1