Boo To You Treat Project

Written by Tracy Pounds

September 22, 2023

Supply List:

The theme today is Halloween treats! We are going to be working with our Boo to You Napkin Bundle and adding napkin art to melamine plates and drawstring treat bags. These are very easy to make and use functionally this fall season! 

Adding Napkin Art to Melamine Plates

Melamine plates are a non-porous surface, which means we need to use a different type of Mod Podge than we normally use – we will be working with Mod Podge Hard Coat. It will make a big difference in how your napkin art will turn out. 

Another note: these plates will not be dishwasher safe! Also, any type of Mod Podge surface is not considered food-safe. This is a type of plate that you can use for wrapped items, candy, or you can place a napkin underneath the food item. However, if you would like to make your plate food-safe, you would need to apply resin on the top of the plate. (We do this in the Napkin Club, but we won’t be doing that today!)

I’m using a cute Boo napkin for my plate. First, I’m going to cut around the image and then separate the plys until I just have that top layer of napkin art. Apply a coat of Mod Podge Hard Coat onto your plate. Place your napkin on top and then use a plastic sheet to smooth it out. Let it dry, add a second coat of Mod Podge on top, and then dry it again. 

Making Treat Bags with Napkin Art

Making treat bags for Halloween is a great way to use any leftover napkin scraps you have from this bundle or hiding in your stash. We are going to apply another napkin to my bag that says “All treats, no tricks” with a really nice orange border.

First, add a piece of wax paper to the inside of your bag so you don’t Mod Podge your bag together. For this project, we will be using the Mod Podge Matte because it is fabric. Apply a coat to the front of your bag, lay your napkin on top, and use a chip brush to smooth it down. You want your image to be more towards the bottom of your bag because when you cinch the drawstring, it will be more gathered on the top. Dry with a heat tool, apply another coat of Mod Podge, and dry again. 

Adding Details to Your Halloween Projects

I’m going to use my black Pitt Pens to add some detail lines on my plates. I’ll just outline my letters on this one. I also want to sparkle them up with some Stickles, so I’ll apply that to my witch hat, pumpkin’s cheeks, and my BOO letters too. You can add details to whatever you would like though!

I have another plate that I will use my Glaze Pens on and I love these because they are glossy, bold, and dimensional. I have a few different colors that I will use to add some detail lines, and I’ll also add some sparkle to this plate too.

You don’t have to add pen work either. For my treat bags, I’m just going to come in and add some Stickles so they are sparkly.

If you love these projects, grab your Boo to You Napkin Bundle! There are so many adorable, quick, and easy Halloween and fall projects you can make with these napkins. 

I go LIVE on my Facebook page every Friday at 11 am CST for a fun and easy Craft-n-Chat Session. Come learn something new while creating something beautiful! 

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